Mission For Hope Facebook Event Suggestions


Below is a VERY general information for creating an event on Facebook for my stop in your city. Feel free to adjust the times and description to however you feel necessary to get more of your members involved and excited. An afternoon event is fine also. I’m totally open to anything else you would like to do for outreach and donations or for a meet up with your club. You know your city and members better than I do.  When I am doing outreach out of the back of my Jeep by myself, I’m at one stop for 60-90 minutes. I find the best time to do outreach is before lunch or after lunch. I will do 3-4 stops in a morning or afternoon. Sometimes the best place to do outreach is near a shelter or where a community meal (soup kitchen) is served. I never do outreach at night and I don’t go into camps but I will park near them.

Name of Event: Mission For Hope Homeless Outreach Stop, City Here, Month Day (Very important to put the city and date in the title of the event because there are multiple events called Mission For Hope.)


Time: 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Location: Address of meeting spot Saturday morning. Should be in the city or not too far from the city. Big parking lot at shopping center, mall or restaurant are good spots to meet.

About (Description of event): As part of Leighton’s 200 day trip in his 2dr Jeep Wrangler to 30 cities in the United States which have the highest population of people experiencing homelessness he is stopping in (city here).  We would like to partner with Leighton in our own Jeeps as he does outreach to the homeless in our city. Leighton’s outreach includes distributing blankets, hygiene kits, water, fruit, baked goods and coffee as well as showing these folk that people care about them. He can supply the blankets and hygiene kits but we are asking our members to bring and donate the other items.


9:00AM: Meet & discuss areas to go to. Have some coffee & donuts together.  Distribute donations to Jeeps. Talk about how to stay safe.

10:00AM: Leave in groups of 2-3 Jeeps to do outreach. Should be at least two people in each Jeep.

12:30-1:30PM: Meet back up and talk about the outreach done. Distribute any unused items to be dropped off at shelters or food pantries. Maybe share a bit to eat together as a club.

FOOTNOTE - Don’t publish this in the event: If you make me a host of the FB event, I can share it on my social media and make any changes if needed. Below you can download an image for the FB event.  Once the Facebook event is created, I will create a link on my website to the event. I am coordinating over 25 stops and it's a bit of work. I will try to be responsive as I can.  Anything you can do to make the event planning a bit easier would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!!!