Leighton O’Connor was born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts. He has been helping the poor and homeless since 1988 when he started volunteering at the Pine Street Inn in Boston, MA. In 2018 he founded Mission for Hope, Inc., an organization whose purpose is to provide care to people who are experiencing homelessness and to bring awareness of the severe homeless crisis across North America. Mission for Hope, Inc hopes to sponsor more mission trips across the United States to help the homeless and research the effectiveness of various programs directed towards providing assistance for people who are homeless. Leighton hopes to utilize this research to implement programs that will provide useful remedies to effect positive change for the homeless condition in New England.
Leighton is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and part of Calvary Christian Church's missionary family.  His ministry includes preaching the Gospel, teaching, discipleship, counseling, pastoral and recovery care. Leighton serves as a member of the Board for External link opens in new tab or windowBibles for LEO, Inc, Good Hope, Inc. and External link opens in new tab or windowLunch For Kids Africa. Leighton is also the director of Good Hope's Homeless Care program. As well, he participates with the Good Hope Food Pantry and the Good Hope Wells program which utilizes grants and sponsors fundraisers for the digging of wells in Africa. His ministry work has lead him on mission trips to Kolkata, Kenya, Tanzania and Guatemala.

Leighton remains faithful to the fight, the good fight of faith as he “drives” to reach souls for Jesus. He is the founder of the External link opens in new tab or windowChristian Jeep Association which has 43 chapters.  Leighton has been accomplished photographer for over forty years and was the founder and creative director of a digital marketing agency for 15 years. In between the joys of ministry and photography he enjoys spending time with his three amazing grown children, hiking, camping and of course driving his Jeep.